Laws That Guide Successful Business Advertising

Advertising is both an art and a science that entrepreneurs must master and understand its core fundamentals in order to maximize the rewards of advertising. Effective small business administration figures indicate that a successful small business must allocate 5% of the entrepreneur’s gross sales on advertising. However, this will only be beneficial if the entrepreneur understands the laws of advertising.Small business advertising laws:a) Pass one message at a timeTo see a high response rate, you must pass one message at a time. The message should be simple, compelling and needs to be quick. The message need only be five seconds long and can drive massive traffic to your site.b) Message conveyed must be credibleMany humans distrust advertising because over ages, advertisers have focused on misinforming the public, conveying lies and half-truths and data that is not credible. False advertising is a total waste of advertising money because even after managing to drive a customer to your site and you cannot deliver, there is no revenue gained. Place facts in your message and if the content is detailed, you may consider providing references.c) Always test everythingBefore diving to advertise your product, it is in the best interest of your business to test the advertisement to avoid wasting capital resources in advertising that may backfire. Since small businesses do not have much money to invest in advertising, planning and testing is crucial. You can carry out test advertisements to measure timing, headline and ad placement using special offers, code, coupons and direct customer contact. Another point to note is that you should test only one product at a time.d) Maintain easy contact with customersIn every advertisement, brochure, email, catalogue or company literature, ensure that you include the business contacts and any necessary information including email and website addresses, fax and phone numbers and physical address. This may sound simple but many businesses focus on the content and end up forgetting the vital contact part.e) Match every advertisement to the target audienceTo have a successful advertising campaign, your advertisement must focus on specific audience and be customized to speak to the target directly. This will make the audience have faith that the advertisement was crafted with them in mind and will have more drive to follow through with the message than a generalized advertisement that has no focus.f) Curiosity – make the customers want to know moreAffordable advertising does not seek to educate the customer about a product to the extent of making them choose whether to buy or not to buy it. Instead, it should provide basic concepts and inciting information to drive the target to want to know more about that business or product. It is wise to create ads that will make the prospective customers curious to want to know more about you and therefore come to get the specifics.If your advertisement does not pay back, never lay the blame on the advertising medium, it is the message. Always start small and fix advertising problems as you encounter them. A good advertising strategy demands research, planning, testing and constant improvement to succeed.